Monkeying with History:

A Bibliography of the Scopes Trial

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Bryan, William Jennings.  The Old World and Its Way: Describing a Tour Around the World and Journeys Through Europe.  St. Louis : Thompson Publishing Company, 1907. xiii, 574 p. Was Bryan a xenophobe as Darrow and history portray him? Read this book for a different perspective!

Bryan, William Jennings.  Seven Questions in Dispute: Shall Christianity Remain Christian?  New York : Fleming H. Revell Company, c1924. 158 p. Green binding. Includes chapter on “The Origin of Man” - not at all similar to chapter from In His Image.

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Herrick, Genevieve Forbes, and John Origen Herrick.  The Life of William Jennings Bryan.  Chicago : Buxton Publishing House, c1925. 424 p. Red binding. Contains the “Last Will and Testament of William Jennings Bryan”, pp. 21-26.

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Newman, Horatio Hackett  The Gist of Evolution  New York : MacMillan Company, 1926. ix, 154 p. Written by University of Chicago zoologist and another expert witness in the Scopes Trial. Invokes Piltdown man, flat earth beliefs, the horse series, vestigal organs, and other evidences long since discredited.

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Osborn, Henry Fairfield.  The Earth Speaks to Bryan.  New York : Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1925. 2nd ed. 91 p. Corrects Osborn’s quote of the inscription on Thomas Huxley’s gravestone from the 1st editon.

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